About Moving Mindfully

As a result of decades of dance, movement and Pilates studies plus the 3 year Alexander training course, some ten years ago I began to acquire a more immediate understanding of and “feel” for the movement qualities embodied in the great classical techniques of yoga and t’ai chi as well as other movement and dance forms. Tentatively at first I began to experiment with new teaching methods in an attempt to convey the essence of the appropriate movement quality, employing a multidisciplinary approach, gentle partner work and vivid imagery. Many students visibly and rapidly integrated a broader range of movement qualities plus increased awareness and confidence in moving, and many reported ongoing benefits in everyday life.


Typical Moving Mindfully Class

A typical Moving Mindfully class opens with resting on the floor in semi supine to realign the back, flowing into thoughtful warm-ups and then more focused work on the limbs and deep core muscles. Coming carefully up to standing, we include some simple, effective hands-on partner work – it’s fun and often remarkably effective. After practicing some freely swinging t’ai chi style warm-ups we progress to a wide variety of standing work often culminating in quite a beautiful flowing on-the-spot dance !

Throughout the class very frequent, practical reference is made to the Alexander principles of good use of the self, with group and individual feedback from the teacher and frequent hands on help.

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