Alexander Technique

Moving Mindfully

Alexander Technique is probably the single most important element in Moving Mindfully. Awareness of the head/neck/back relationship, safe optimal use of the joints and the ability to inhibit unhelpful tension habits are all essential for high quality, conscious movement.

For a full description of the technique plus history and major concepts read more here at

Michael Gelb in his excellent book Body Learning (AurumPress) quotes Dr Frank Pierce Jones’ definition of the technique: “a means for changing stereotyped response patterns by the inhibition of certain postural sets.” Some of the common postural “sets” we need to become aware of and inhibit are the tendency to pull the head back, shorten and tighten the neck, tighten the buttocks/knees/feet, tense the jaw – we could all add to the list. Such habits are almost universal amongst adults and militate against effective , enjoyable movement.


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