Tai Chi & Alexander Technique

T’ai Chi and Alexander Technique SeminarT’ai Chi and Alexander Technique Seminar

Judy Hammond Alexander Technique tutor

Alexander Technique is well known for its effectiveness in reducing back pain and improving general mobility.  T’ai Chi can reduce stress, improve balance and muscular strength, enhance general health and wellbeing, and improve cardiovascular health. It is even used in NHS hospitals to hasten recovery following major heart surgery!  Taken together in this half-day workshop the effect is very powerful and it is an experience which we highly recommend!

Ian Deavin Tai Chi tutor

In addition to covering the principles of both Alexander Technique and T’ai Chi, the workshop will include exercises, spiralling movement, Qigong, and Meditation to improve body awareness and strengthen the mind-body connection.

Details are: Sunday, 12 November 2017, 9.30-12.30

Cost: £45 (for bookings on or before 5 November) £55 (for bookings after)  For further details of this workshop and the other two being held later this year please click here 

You can book online here

Details and booking:

Numbers restricted.

Cost: £45 (for bookings on or before 5 November) £55 (for bookings after)

Venue: The Letchworth Centre

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Atsista , Skyros

Coming Soon

There will be another unforgettable fortnight in magical Atsitsa Bay with Skyros Holistic Holidays (named by the Guardian “the first and still the best holistic holiday centre”.

Judy will be teaching Alexander Technique and Moving Mindfully in the daytime plus there will be one or more evenings of Greek and Egyptian dance under the stars. Other courses include yoga, painting, writing, windsurfing and personal development, all with world class teachers. Days are structured to encourage a balance of activity and socialising, rest and reflection. The food is famous ! – fresh local produce imaginatively prepared and normally at least once per session an evening barbecue presided over by our wonderful Greek chef Takis.

For details please go to the Skyros website,


Details and booking on

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Feldendenkrais and Alexander Technique Residential

Moving With Ease and Joy

Coming Soon

Residential Weekend Away exploring Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais with Juliana Brustik and Judy Hammond

Moving with Ease and Joy Course content will include playful, enjoyable work on standing, walking, sitting, reaching, plus freestyle spontaneous movement. Some considerable time will be spent lying on the floor and help will be readily available for anyone who may find getting up and down difficult. Some sessions will include carefully facilitated hands on pair work which most people find helpful and enjoyable. This is a great opportunity to have some quality me time either solo or shared with a friend or partner. You can expect to achieve increased body awareness, reduced stress, and enhanced ease and pleasure in everyday movements and in your yoga/Pilates/dance classes/gym sessions. Both Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method allow us to let go of some of the habitual postural and movement habits acquired over a lifetime which limit our freedom and efficiency in movement. On Saturday evening we have a special 1 hour Sound Bath session with Mona Ruijs – a Gong Practitioner trained by ‘The College of Sound Healing’ in Devon, U.K.’

Haileybury College Herts (just north of London)

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