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Qualifications and Experience

I hold teaching qualifications in Alexander Technique, ballet and Egyptian dance, as well as a Cert. Ed. and B.Ed. Hons in English and psychology.  Yoga, Pilates, t’ai chi and many forms of movement and dance have been a regular part of my life for decades.

For the past thirty years I’ve been teaching classes in Alexander Technique and movement at the Letchworth Centre for Health Living, as well as workshops and residentials all over the UK, in Italy and on the beautiful Greek islands of Crete and Skyros . I teach private Alexander lessons in Hitchin and have two London Clinics, Mondays in the City and Tuesdays in Victoria (Read More…)

Moving Mindfully

As a result of decades of dance, movement and Pilates studies plus the 3 year Alexander training course, some ten years ago I began to acquire a more immediate understanding of and “feel” for the movement qualities embodied in the great classical techniques of yoga and t’ai chi as well as other movement and dance forms. Tentatively at first I began to experiment with new teaching methods in an attempt to convey the essence of the appropriate movement quality, employing a multidisciplinary approach, gentle partner work and vivid imagery. Many students visibly and rapidly integrated a broader range of movement qualities plus increased awareness and confidence in moving, and many reported ongoing benefits in everyday life.

It’s my heartfelt belief that the opportunity to move mindfully and be conscious of our alignment and breathing patterns is one of the key resources needed to flourish and feel positive and sometimes joyful, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

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