Moving Mindfully

Judy Hammond

Judy Hammond (B.Ed, ANATD, MSTAT) has been teaching Alexander technique for 30 years and studying for even longer a broad range of dance and movement techniques, particularly Pilates, yoga, t’ai chi and chi qong. She holds teaching qualifications in Alexander technique, classical ballet and Egyptian dance and for years studied contemporary dance with eminent teachers, including a post graduate term at the Laban Centre. For years she has been Alexander tutor on the annual teacher training courses led by the UK’s first ever Pilates teacher !

Moving Mindfully

Moving Mindfully is an unusually eclectic, enjoyable approach to movement and alignment, including key elements of Pilates, yoga and chi qong, and always incorporating the AlexanderTechnique principles of safe conscious use of the spine and joints.

A typical class starts on the floor in semi-supine, the ideal position of rest for the back, and gradually progresses through a carefully chosen series of movement, breathing and imagery activities including vital Pilates toning work for the deep core muscles.

After carefully and slowly coming to standing, a brief period of hands-on partner work is included which most students find remarkably effective, even at times transformational. Careful attention is always paid to what Alexander called the primary control of the body – the delicate relationship of head, neck and back.

The final section of standing work normally includes further Pilates work, sometimes a safe, carefully taught yoga posture, and finishing with a combination of gentle, enjoyable dance movements for the torso and arms and some of the more accessible chi qong movements, made easy with very detailed teaching


“A Moving Mindfully class is completely non competitive…there’s no pressure…the group is supportive but not intrusive. techniques and principles can be carried over into everyday living…I particularly like the blend of disciplines. Moving and mindfulness are equal partners in the class and I find this particularly satisfying.”   Anthea
“The short term gain is easy to see and feel: a single session leaves me feeling not only physically more comfortable, easing muscular tension that has built up during the day through poor posture, but also mentally more relaxed after being ‘obliged’ to rest, regulate my breathing and generally become calm.” Martin
“The great advantage of group classes (attended for 16 years) is that we can exchange ideas and benefits experienced with others. We can see in each other the benefits we are gaining. Lessons learned apply to every aspect of my daily life.” Janet
“Both group sessions and 1:1 sessions are valuable in different ways. Judy is a creative and inspiring teacher, positive, affirmative and encouraging. Her great experience engenders trust an the mental images she suggests are helpful.” Sylvia

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